Friday, January 22, 2010

The Hasbaranicks in disarray

The hysterical response to my last post has clearly proven that the Hasbarah masters don't like it when somebody dishes out the truth they would rather keep hidden.

First of all, the left wing Haretz rag that still keeps to the centuries - old traditions of the Judeo-Bolsheviks, while masterfully ignoring the rights of indigenous People. Their trained zionist poodle, one Bradley Burston (don't the hymies like to "adopt" Christian names?) poured out his righteous wrath. "In its most extreme form, there are those who have accused Israel of using the Haiti catastrophe as a new reservoir for harvesting organs", whines Bradley. Extreme form? You just wait, zionist stooge.

Then a sinister zionist Mogul, hiding under a code name Israpundit (Ted belman is another nickname, I guess), asks with glee: "Aren’t they afraid the Israelis will murder people and harvest their organs?" No, you little jewish vermin, it is you who should be afraid of the light of truth. We are not afraid of you, but thanks for the warning.

Of course, there are people who are not afraid to tackle the truth, and our thanks are given to forum, where there are some clear-minded people seeing through the smoke and mirrors setup of the zionist-owned media. Of course, we shouldn't forget the British Guardian, one of the very few media outlets that are not afraid to give the truth seekers a free and uncensored platform. There are many others to thank, but there is just no time to mention them all. There is too much work to do.

The last thing to mention is the curious silence of the so called anti-zionist leaders, such as Jeff Rense, David Duke, David Icke and others. Is the truth too much for you to handle, gentlemen?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The real price of Zionist "humanitarian assistance"

Every time a disaster strikes in a new area, leaving in its wake hundreds of thousands of bodies and millions of helpless victims, the zionist regime is one of the first on the scene with its, seemingly humane and selfless offer of help. It is a matter of record that the jews are usually first to deploy their field hospitals in the center of disaster zone or close to it. Look at the latest earthquake in Haiti and its aftermath - even the Arab press is full of adulation.

"Israeli and Jewish groups continue their efforts to provide relief to the people of Haiti. On Jan. 15, the Israel Defense Forces emergency aid team arrived in Haiti, consisting of a medical mission and search and rescue teams. "

But the jewish skill in deploying their "field hospitals" should by rights trigger some questions. How come they are so willing to lend a hand when their own citizens are starving and lack the basic medical treatment? How come a "country" which is chiseling 6 billion USD every year out of American taxpayer is so generous in its help to others? How come it is the IOF (Isreali Occupation Force) that is providing its trained personnel and equipment?

These and other troubling questions are easy to answer, if you are looking at the right direction and are able to penetrate the thick smokescreen of zionist propaganda (Hasbarah as they call it). The real gory secret of the "humanitarian" zionist assistance becomes simple, if you look at the roots. And if you are clear-eyed enough to see the multi-billion business of human parts trafficking and the sinister organization behind it.

Of course, it is a matter of record that IOF thugs are kidnapping Palestinian kids and youngsters and passing them to the IOF surgeons (butchers), who kill and dismember them in cold blood. The harvested organs are passed to the zionist masters who needs a transplant of this or another organ, the rest is sold on the grey market or offered as a favor (and a bribe) to their "friends". We all know only too well what is done with the blood of the victims...

But the opportunities of organ harvesting in the occupied Palestine are limited, and the zionists have discovered some years ago that the best and easiest way to gather unwitting donors is in places where disaster struck. No one counts the victims in Haiti, where mass burials with trucks hauling hundreds of bodies are a matter of daily routine. No one will cry wolf when another ten or twenty bodies are added to the daily haul.

Once or twice a week a cargo plane with the zionist entity markings is landing near the scene of disaster, ostensibly bringing desperately needed supplies. In the chaos and lack of governing of Haiti (or any other area of a catastrophe) no one will payattention to a van or two delivering some coolers with refrigerated contents to the plan during the night. And when the plane lifts off to go back to the "motherland", its awful cargo is sure to reach the market in a few hours.

And then the zionist masters brag about their humanitarian effort and their generosity...

It is remarkable that in their khutzpa zionists even offered their "assistance" to Iranian people after a earthquake. Thankfully Iranian government knew better than accept.

And we haven't yet discussed the mighty suspicious regularity the catastrophic events occur in different parts of the world. Watch this blog for more grim news...

Update: Watch this:

While it is a person of color who got to the truth, nonetheless it's a first. I hope many more shall follow.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The epidemic nobody talks about

Here is a fact that has been "out there" for at least 25 years. "Everyone" knows about it. It is of vital importance. An epidemic is sweeping a large part of the world, which may condemn a part of the human race to extinction. "Everyone" knows about it, but nobody talks about it. It is not AIDS, which affects a relatively small part of the population of industrialized countries. It is not obesity either. It is potentially much more lethal than either. It is more disastrous in its consequences for modern civilization than global warming, pollution or the energy crisis.
How could it be that media have so studiously ignored this fact? On the Web, it is represented by a few longely articles. Time Magazine featured an article about it, The Saddest Epidemic,  in 1984, but then seems to have dropped the subject. A book about this epidemic called Our Stolen Future, with a foreword by Al Gore, no less, appeared in 1996 and was reprinted and updated in 1997.   
What's it all about? According to several studies, between 1938 and 1990 the sperm count of European, Australian and American males decreased by about 1.5% per year. A study by Carlsen et. al. found:
Linear regression of data weighted by number of men in each study showed a significant decrease in mean sperm count from 113 x 10(6)/ml in 1940 to 66 x 10(6)/ml in 1990 (p < 0.0001) and in seminal volume from 3.40 ml to 2.75 ml (p = 0.027), indicating an even more pronounced decrease in sperm production than expressed by the decline in sperm density.
The findings are clear: Western males are producing much less semen and the semen has far fewer sperm. Volume declined by about 20% and the density of sperm in that volume declined by about 42%. Overall then, the western males in the study produced less than half the number of sperm cells per ejaculation.
Incidences of male infertility have become increasingly common in industrialized countries, but no decline was observed elsewhere. The increased infertility helps to explain why Europeans and Caucasian Americans have birthrates that are well below the values needed for population replacement. After a brief postwar "baby boom" fertility rates began to decline among the Caucasian European and American populations of the world.  In the United States, the current birthrate overall is 14.0 per thousand - about 1.4% per year. In Germany, it is 8.2 per thousand,  In Catholic Italy it is also 9.2 per thousand! .In Germany, the mortality rate is 10.2 per thousand, and in Italy it is 10.5 per thousand.. More people are dying than are getting born The obvious conclusion is that the populations of these countries are slowly aging and becoming extinct. If their population grows, it is because of migration. The same sad story is found all over Europe, the United States and in most of the developed world. 
Not all countries in the world have such low brithrates. In the Palestinian territories, for example, the same source tells us that the birthrate is 35.9 per thousand. In Pakistan, 27.2 per thousand and in Egypt 24.2. In Yemen, 38.3 per thousand! In Syria, 26.7 per thousand. In Saudi Arabia 24.9 per thousand. What do these countries have in common? They are all Sunni Muslim Arab countries. To be sure, African countries and Afghanistan have even higher birthrates. Again, these are mostly Sunni Muslim countries, but they are also poor and tend to have higher mortality rates. 
The common and facile temptation is to blame the lower sperm counts on environmental toxins. This might be a factor, but it cannot account for the differential fertility of Muslims living in western countries. They are exposed to the same toxins and the same environment as others. In France for example, the average woman born in Metropolitan France has 1.7 children, while the avrage immigrant woman has 2.16 children. Narrowing this down a bit, the average French woman born in Europe other than Turkey has 1.68 children. Women born in Turkey have 3.21 children. Those born in Morocco have 2.97 children on average and those born in Tunisia have 2.90 children. Those born in sub-Saharan Africa have 2.86 children. We cannot present statistics according to religious affiliation, simply because the French government does not collect such information. But the data we have are certainly suggestive. The epidemic of infertility, whatever its causes, is selective. 
A scare video that has been circulating on YouTube makes exaggerated claims about Muslim demographics in Europe, damaging the credibility of those who warn about a problem that is, whatever its causes, very real. European Muslims are reproducing faster than non-Muslims, and the non-Muslim birthrate is below replacement level. Those assertions are true in most of Europe.
What is behind the mysterious epidermic of infertility and the lowered birthrates? What is the reason that almost nobody is willing to discuss the problem? Here is a problem that potentially affects every Caucasian male in the world and many others. Here are data that show not a tentative and possible statistical effect, like, for example, global warming, but a highly significant statistical trend that must be caused by something. An alarming trend that will wipe out a large part of the human race if it continues. Chances are though, you never heard of it before. Check out the references above and you will see that I have reported the findings faithfully and completely. They are shocking, but nobody is interested. And I bet that if we examine female infertility we will find similar data.
Nobody is talking about the infertility epidemic. There is no global summit of world leaders to discuss the infertility epidemic, and there are no UN-sponsored high-publicity conferences on the issue, such as those devoted to the problem of AIDS. There is no serious investigation of the causes. Blaming it all on "pollutants" is not a serious approach to prevention and cure, is it?
Can there possibly be a benign explanation for this nearly universal silence and neglect?

Who are they and what is the truth?

They are powerful and silent organizations and individuals who control our destinies if we let them. Who are they? Shadowy figures and organizations, ancient secret associations. Some of the probably culprits:
Zionists and their agents.
Communists and their agents.
Catholic societies like Opus Dei.
The CIA and FBI.
They don't want you to know certain invonvenient and embarrassing facts. For example:
What is the reason for falling birthrates in Europe and the United States?
What is responsible for the epidemic of premature balding?
Who is behind the global warming scare?
Who is really responsible for the 9-11 terror attacks?
What caused the recent stock market crash and economic crisis?
How did an inexperienced and maladept senator from Illinois get to be president of the United States?
Who was responsible for the Iraq war?
Remember, when something bad happens to you, there is a reason. Someone else is benefitting. Someone has a plan. There is no such thing as a coincidence.
Stay with us as we bring you the best of the Web exposes as well as our own exclusive scoops.