Tuesday, February 9, 2010

So how are disasters created by the zionists?

In the previous post I have shown clearly who profits from the disasters like the one visited upon defenseless people of Haiti.

Several years ago a unique "natural phenomenon" went almost unnoticed:

Almost, but not quite: there was a brave man who not only had the presence of mind to take a picture of the tornado, but also to connect some dots.
On January 27, 2003 at around 9 a.m., an unusually powerful tornado struck the island of Cyprus, sweeping through the coastal city of Limassol, extensively damaging shops and homes, uprooting trees, tearing apart roofs and overturning vehicles. The enormous storm marked the first of its kind to hit the Middle East and Cyprus.
At the exact same time, in three different locations - at Houston Space Center, the Israeli Air Force Headquarters “somewhere” in Tel Aviv area and Space Shuttle Columbia - hundreds of Israeli Air Force members and meteorology experts celebrated the success of the joint “experiment” carried out between the Israeli Air Force and NASA’s Space Center. The “experiment” was entitled: “The creation of an artificial tornado, aided by dust storms”.
You would think that the media would pick up the news and do its best to get to the root of the murderous scheme? But no, surprisingly (or not that surprisingly, taking into account how deep is jewish control of the main information channels). Of course, the Cyprus incident is only one of many telltale signs of the darkest and most diabolical conspiracy.

The conspiracy hides under an innocent abbreviation HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program): ostensibly its purpose is defined in this way:
The goal of this program is to further advance our knowledge of the physical and electrical properties of the Earth's ionosphere which can affect our military and civilian communication and navigation systems.
But when you look a paragraph or two further, an ominous detail surfaces:
The HAARP program is jointly managed by the Air Force Research Laboratory and the Office of Naval Research.
Why, you must obviously ask, would ZOG, already deep enough in trouble in Iraq, Afghanistan and other hot areas of the world where its zionist owners guide it, let its military arm spend vast amounts of money on something seemingly this esoteric and useless? And why such secrecy where innocent "ionosphere research" is concerned? In their FAQ the following appears:

Is there a HAARP visitor's center?

There is currently no visitor's center.
Why not allow visitors to a place where pure science is the declared mission?

Only the courageous truth seekers have enough guts to say it publicly:
HAARP: Science used for the development of a global weapons system by manipulating the magnetic energy of the earth and all living things for the purpose of maximizing profits, increasing wealth, and concentrating the wealth and control in the hands of a few.

HAARP is the ultimate weapon for the establishment of a Zionist state which has total control of Planet Earth.
Now it makes much more sense. And the real mission of HAARP is leaking, confirming that you cannot hide the truth forever:
ROGUE OCEAN WAVES documented Jan. 1, 1995 the year HAARP was turned on.

200 Supercargo ships have disappeared in the oceans without a trace in
the past 20 years. BBC report: 5 ships a week now are disappearing.


Kobe earthquake 1995 - bankrupted (the Queen's) Barings Merchant bank,
City of London;
Military excuse to put seismic (surveillance) network around Taiwan
and Japan

Sumatra earthquake 2004 - Military excuse to put seismic (surveillance)
network around Indian Ocean and shipping lanes for Asia's energy to
come from Israel - US/UK gas pump for Asian countries cut off from
central Asian pipelines

China earthquake 2008 - causing flooding and starvation; chaos before
Olympics; tremendous cost of disaster to China economy

WEATHER MODIFICATION - Hurricanes, cyclones, tornadoes, storms by heating
sea surface just 1 degree

Hurricane Katrina 2005 - attempt to implement landgrab in New Orleans
Black Sea Storm 2007 - environmental devastation of Black Sea created
at UK HAARP facility at Aquiteria, CYPRUS, as payback for Putin's
pipelines to Italy and southern Europe

Myanmar cyclone 2008 - flooded Myanmar one week before the rice
harvest; Myanmar produces more rice than the US, engineered famine
Iowa storms 2008 - destruction of major corn and soy crops, will drive
meat and dairy prices up in US, famine agenda in US
There is more, much more. At least we know now precisely who is it to blame for 200,000 dead of Haiti, hundreds of thousands dead of 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami and more and more... But Haarp's real purpose is known already, and some fearless leaders aren't afraid to voice the knowledge:
Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez Wednesday accused the United States of causing the destruction in Haiti by testing a 'tectonic weapon' to induce the catastrophic earthquake that hit the country last week.
Notice that it's Hugo Chavez, the man on whose life CIA has already issued several contracts and an Iranian news source (several earthquakes devastated vast areas of Iran in the last 15 years).

Notice also the peculiar geographic distribution of the disasters: predominantly Muslim countries, poor or otherwise troubled nations, people that somehow or other caused trouble to the ZOG or its big-nosed overlords. Notice that tsunamis, tornadoes or earthquakes seem to pass over Tel-Aviv, Jew York and similar, always hitting the central United States where white God-fearing folks who know what work is, try to live in peace.

Learn more about Haarp here. And watch and listen to the great American, Navy veteran, white Christian Governor Jesse Ventura, exposing HAARP.

But if you think that HAARP is the only doomsday weapon in the hands of ZOG and Mossad, think again. HAARP is an expensive and cumbersome operation, and the overflowing nuclear arsenals of USA and its Middle Eastern zionist lackey eventually came handy as a non-radioactive compact micro-nuke was developed by the Isreali nuclear plant in Dimona. Watch this evidence of one of the first uses of the micro-nuke. Remember the intrepid Australian journalist Joe Vialls whose work was a breakthrough where the micro-nukes are considered and whose mysterious death from a "heart attack" and subsequent disappearance of his Internet pages that unveiled the truth are the best proof that he hit a raw nerve.

Easy to deliver, untraceable and leaving no telltale radioactive residue, micro-nukes are widely used by Mossad and CIA for many False Flag ops, including the Bali bombing, WTC demolition and others. More significantly, increasingly powerful versions of the micro-nuke could have easily caused tectonic shifts necessary to end in the worst earthquakes known to man. Such as the one in Haiti. But again - you cannot hide the truth forever, and more and more astute clear-eyed folks become wise to the ways of the zionist murderers. Here is one, Tammy Obeidallah (not a Semetic person, even if her name may mislead), who was quick and intuitive enough to pick up the connection between the jewish "scientific experiments" and their disastrous use:
Israel National News reported that tremors were created in the southern Negev in a joint project with the University of Hawaii and funded by the US Department of Defense. In the experiment, Israelis detonated 80 tons of explosive material to simulate the intensity of a magnitude 3.0 earthquake. Supposedly, this will help scientists improve seismological and acoustic readings to predict future earthquakes. It was not explained why the US Department of Defense was involved.
Replace 80 tons of explosives by a 10 kiloton non-radioactive micro-nuke, and you have your recipe for a huge earthquake. And for a mass murder.

The zionists not only control the ZOG military and political establishment, they have implemented a nuclear blackmail regime that keeps even the most "rebellious" presidents meek and obedient. Their long range missiles with nuclear warheads, their submarines (built by the Germans as part of the massive "reparations" program) equipped by nuclear-tipped cruise missiles, their nuclear landmines are, without a shadow of a doubt, smuggled and installed in many key places in Europe, America and other places.

And, of course, they are doing their best to prevent the other nations in the area from acquiring the nuclear weapons, it goes without saying.
A friend of mine in MI6 told me earlier this year that for the first time, the Israeli nuclear arsenal is now bigger than the British nuclear arsenal.
And I am afraid that this friend in MI6 is dangerously blind: the zionist nuclear arsenal is much bigger and diverse than MI6's wildest dreams.

And we still not touched on the zionist entity chemical research, leading to development of hundreds of new, unknown and untraceable poisons they use to assassinate anyone who dares raise his voice. We still have to talk about their biological weaponry that threatens the whole world and is fully geared to cause horrible death to people of any race they choose. And more. So stay tuned.


  1. I have seen these people at work at different levels, controling crime, drugs, prositiution and child trafficing in the UK.

    Your friend in MI6; regardless of his official rank is low ranking in the Brotherhood for otherwise he would know the total control administered by israel and MOSSAD.

    I have personally witnessed these people carryign out crimes that should shame humainty

  2. It's now official - there's no actual shortage of Holocaust Survivors:

    quote from "The Holocaust Industry" by Norman G. Finkelstein of the City University of New York, published by Verso in 2000:
    'The Israeli Prime Minister's office recently put the number of "living Holocaust survivors" at nearly a million.' (page 83)

  3. zog is almost as scarey as xenu

  4. HAARP is real,man made earthquakes, tsunamis, tornados and hurricanes are real. HAARP is one of the results of Romans 1:18 which describes the "inventors of evil things.."
    As far as "Zionist Jews" are concerned, why not call them what they really are (LUCIFERIAN/SATANISTS) rather than playing into their Hegelian Dialectic con by focusing on a race?? All of them are not "Jews" and all Jews are not "Zionists" but all of those running the world, manipulating the economy and the weather and fomenting endless wars behind the scenes ARE Luciferians. If we would just call a spade a spade, then the mass media would no longer be able to uses their "anti-semitist" straw man!! Evil is no respector of skin color or race and neither is righteousness!

  5. All these things being true, remember there is a place of safety for all who will believe the Hebrew prophets. Ps.91

    here is that place


  6. There's no question who the bad guys are. The jews have been at this for thousands of years. The only thing left to do is find a way to deal with them. Harshly is the best method. http://www.subvertednation.net

  7. REgarding your preposterous claims like '200 ships missing' how about a link to BBC?

    Same with other un-sourced claims. Why no links?

  8. I'm with Lynn. Vaguely blaming "the Jews" is how the real people in these positions can blame a made-up bogeyman (which jews, all jews?) and use that enemy to advance fascist rule. Have you ever read "The Secret Contacts"? About how the Nazi's allowed Zionists to continue publishing and pushing their agenda while all other Jews were shut down? And they were funding and pushing emigration. This is the regime created by the same cartels in control of the government's agenda and HAARP. Not all of them are Jews, in fact Judaism is not their binding ideology, occultism is. Apostate judaism based on the misuse of the Kabbalah, Mystic Christianity, basically any of the esoteric traditions where one can use occult knowledge to refine one's abilities, and at the same time further a denial of right and wrong, and use the spiritual practices to refine criminality and manipulation (sociopathic behaviors). That's how this whole thing is held together, and the MAIN thing they want is for you to blame "the Jews", because that is the preferred and necessary enemy for their fascist totalitarian state. What beter way to destroy the world order based on divinely inspired universal laws of civilization than to destroy the symbol of "God's people" in the "old" tradition? Isn't that like a Satanic wet-dream?? lol idk it seems obvious to me. The "Illuminati" families and hierarchies are the problem. Without the manipulations only possible through the twisted ideology of a metaphysical sociopath, there would be too much of the light of publicity for these psychotic imperial agendas to continue. If it was ONLY Israeli Zionists in charge of what we might call the "shadow government" (media control, intel agencies, corporate, military-industrial-"security" complex, etc.) then the control of the American establishment would not be sustained, it would be exposed and acted on. The problem is that the support for Zionism is based on a highly entrenched worldview that relies on (falsely premised) "Biblical" beliefs, social necessity (to oppose Israel is equated to opposing the US against the Muslim theocratic states, which is alienating in the public discourse). In fact, it would be crazy not to support Israel if the world was truly the way the media and the establishment consensus and such portrayed it, but that simply isn't the case. We have the criminal subversion of the occult revolutionary hierarchy, which is based on the belief in royal dominion relying on absolute monopoly power to control soceity. This is why communism and fascism are the exact same thing in effect. They are BOTH an absolutist state with monopoly control of industry under "scientific dictatorship", or coercive social engineering based on communist psychology (which began as occult manipulation of perceptions). In fact, the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" is obviously written by the occult, and an adept would know just by reading it. The word jews and goyim are used to shift the anger of simple minded sheep to black and white categorizations of people which ignore actual associations and real motivations and see only in terms of arbitrary racial categorizations and such. But through the "Protocols" are references to masonic and occult legacies, such as "our people symbolized by the serpent" (the enlightened, divine elect, "wisdom"), as well as other references, such as "the adept", and the talk of "fraternity, liberty, equality" (this is Masonic, not Jewish).. I would bet anything that someone like a Rothschild or someone close to them wrote the protocols. The same groups connected in funding Hitler, as WELL as communism. Whether or not the people are "big-nosed Jews" is IRRELEVANT and sets you up for instant straw-man debunking.

  9. Zionis are the worst ever. Jews are and should go down with them for not coming out with the truth. Some Jews speak out and they are scorned by the others. What is the world going to do with fighting Al-Quada when the real enemy is within their own ranks. People are waking up and must in order to preserve their future of world cooperation.

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  11. "On January 27, 2003 at around 9 a.m., an unusually powerful tornado struck the island of Cyprus, sweeping through the coastal city of Limassol, extensively damaging shops and homes, uprooting trees, tearing apart roofs and overturning vehicles. The enormous storm marked the first of its kind to hit the Middle East and Cyprus."

    Interesting on how the conversation changed in such a dramatic way. The truth is out there..

    "I'm with Lynn. Vaguely blaming "the Jews" is how the real people in these positions can blame a made-up bogeyman (which jews, all jews?) and use that enemy to advance fascist rule."